What Is a Good Bike For An Overweight Person?

Individuals who are overweight seem to have a hard time finding products that can accommodate their size, and they may feel as though their options are limited.

Although they are not as common as the ones made for medium-sized people, such bikes still exist that are fun, fast, and provide smooth rides. Here are three of the best bikes for overweight people:

  • Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle
  • Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike
  • Sixthreezero Hybrid Bike

It takes time to find a comfortable bike that’s also within your budget, as manufacturers tend to charge more for the extra size and the advanced capabilities of such models. 

Suppose you’ve spent several days researching the best bikes for overweight people in the past, factoring in the bike size, frame material, and weight capacity, among other key features.

In that case, this article will help you find such bikes for heavy people in a much shorter time. 

How To Choose a Good Bike For Overweight People? — Buying Guide

When finding a bike for overweight people, there’s a lot more to consider than simply the size of the bike. Comfort is the utmost priority while riding a bike, this is why when you can’t find the right bike you will fail to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Along with that, one also needs to consider a few other factors in order to find a well-suited bike for overweight people. 

So if you are an overweight person looking to purchase a bike that can handle your weight without ruining its performance, keep the below factors in mind to find the perfect bike for yourself. 

The Right Wheel Size

When it comes to heavy people, the wheel sizes should be 26 inches, 27.5 inches, or 29 inches, as they can handle pressure and do not give up under the heavy weight.  

26-inch wheels are smaller in size, which helps in reducing the overall weight of the bike, and they provide a faster ride if you compare it to the other two sizes of wheels. 

Whereas 27.5-inch wheels are bigger and tend to be slower, although they provide better control and stability while riding.

Moreover, 29-inch wheels are the biggest size of wheels in bicycles, and due to their bigger size, they are ideal for taking on some challenging tracks as well as providing stability on bumpy roads.

Strong Wheels

The number of spokes on a wheel influences its strength. The more spokes on a wheel, the more powerful the bicycle wheel would be.

For people who are overweight, the rear wheel matters the most since all the stress of the weight goes to the rear wheel. 

The minimum number of spokes should be 24 and should not go below that number. Although, if you want the best stability and performance, go with 32-36 spokes. 

However, the spokes count is not the only aspect that influences a wheel’s strength. The type of spoke, the material used to make the rim, and the lacing pattern all contribute to the strength of a wheel.

Sturdy Frame and Higher Weight Capacity

For an overweight person, the bike’s frame should be strong enough to bear the stress of the weight. That’s why bicycles with titanium or carbon fiber frames are not strong enough to handle the weight. Whereas, bicycle frames made out of aluminum and steel are the best option. 

They are strong and durable and can handle extra weight without sacrificing the performance of the bike.

Another frame material, like steel is also the strongest, but it is heavier to handle. Meanwhile, aluminum alloy is lighter, more durable, and generally less expensive than steel.

Apart from the strong frame, you also need to identify the bike’s overall weight capacity. Understanding your bike’s weight limit will help you select the ideal bike for yourself.

The weight limit of a bike refers to the amount of total weight it can safely carry without causing damage to the bike. For overweight riders, some bikes can hold around 350 lbs to 400 lbs.

Moreover, some people also get custom-made bikes that can carry up to 550 pounds.

Durable Brakes and Gears

Make sure that the bicycle you are choosing has a high-quality set of brakes so they can remain in excellent working order for a long time. When the weight is high, a strong and reliable brake is crucial for good stopping power.

Mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic brakes are recommended. You can easily opt for mechanical brakes since they are easy to use and less expensive.

However, you can also choose hydraulic ones if your budget allows you to.

As for gears, go for bikes with more gears as it provides a faster ride, but they will be more expensive, so always keep your budget in mind before investing.

You won’t need more gears if you’re only planning to ride the bicycle on flat terrains and city roads. 

The Right Suspension

Most bicycles meant for overweight people tend to have hardtail suspension, also known as rear fork suspension.

A bicycle with this suspension would require you to put in more energy when controlling the bike, however, you would enjoy an adventurous ride with hardtail suspension.

Although you can opt for full suspension for a more relaxing ride as well as having more stability on bumpy roads. Moreover, hardtails are cheaper if you compare them with full suspension.

Handlebar Shape

Handlebars are an important bike component since they can allow you to maneuver and control your bikes. This is why you should choose its shape and size correctly. 

Flat Handlebars evenly distribute the weight on both hands, providing a comfortable position for your wrists and hands while cycling.

Whereas drop handlebars have improved aerodynamics compared to most handlebar types.

3 Good Bikes for Overweight People

Now that you know what factors you need to consider when buying a bike for an overweight person, it’s time to invest in a good bike. Below are 3 good bikes for overweight people.

#1 Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle 

[amazon box=”B0183SF2XU”]

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 8 inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Size: ‎17-Inch Frame
  • Wheel Size: 17 Inches

This Schwinn bike has an aluminum frame and carbon fiber forks. The bike is extremely robust, retaining weight even while traveling at high speeds. The material is both lightweight and long-lasting. 

The Schwinn Phocus bike has 16-speed shifters, allowing the user to gear down over rough terrain when their weight makes cycling difficult. 

The Schwinn Phocus Bike is also equipped with twin-pivot caliper brakes. Because of the two pivot points, the leverage increases, resulting in more efficient, secure, and pleasant braking.

An added benefit for heavy riders who require extra strong brakes to come to a controlled stop.

Durable and lightweight bike frameExpensive than the other two bikes
Made out of high-quality material
16-speed shifters provide smooth gear changes

#2 Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

[amazon box=”B00TYB8Q7A”]

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 61.42 x 29.92 inches
  • Wheel size: 26-Inch
  • Size: 18-inch steel frame
  • Frame material: steel

When overweight riders are purchasing a bike for themselves, durability and comfort are the essential elements that they look for.

The Mongoose Malus Fat Tire bike is the greatest overall bike for big guys due to its ability to deliver both of these attributes.

This 18-inch supersized beach cruiser bike frame is built of strong steel. It features 7-speed options and a rear derailleur for easier gear shifting. When you’re a hefty rider, having numerous gears comes in handy.

This bike also includes 4-inch wide fat tires that are quite substantial, which makes them great for heavy tires since they benefit from fat tires and have adequate air pressure to support their weight.

The bike frame is sturdy and ideal for handling weightThe overall bike weight is heavy
It has 7-speed options
It has robust tires

#3 Sixthreezero Hybrid-Bicycle EVRYjourney

[amazon box=”B07B7Q7SZM”]

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: ‎55 x 32.52 x 7.48 inches
  • Wheel size: 26-Inch
  • Frame material: Aluminum  
  • Bike Type: Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is expected to combine the speed and comfort of a road bike with the off-road toughness of a high-end mountain bike. That is exactly what you get with the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Bike.

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser is one of the greatest cruiser bikes for those who weigh more than 400 pounds. It has a classic appearance and maximum strength for heavier riders. 

This one is for those who are overweight and have trouble finding the ideal commuter bike. The ease of access with a comfortable saddle and foot-forward pedals make this cruiser bike worth buying. 

As for the construction, it features a 19-inch aluminum frame and 26-inch strong wheels that will keep you cruising with little effort. It comes with a 7-speed derailleur for maximum speed.

The bike has a lightweight frameNot meant for mountain biking
Strong wheels make them great for overweight riders
Ideal for daily commuting


Can someone be too heavy to ride a bike?

It is possible to be too heavy to ride a bike, but even heavy riders can benefit from cycling if they have the correct bicycle at hand. 

Some bikes can carry up to 550 pounds in weight. They provide enough space for the rider, with a comfortable upright seating position and a wide gear ratio to support the rider. Therefore, don’t let your weight stop you from riding a bike. 

Can a 350lb person ride a bike?

Most bicycles have a weight limit of between 275 lbs and 300 lbs, but some brands, like Mongoose, offer bikes with weight limits over 400 lbs. 

Their bicycles come with fat and huge tires to handle the stress of the weight. These bikes are a bit heavy and slower than other bikes, but they provide stability and comfort while riding.

How long should an obese person cycle?

If you are a beginner, you should not cycle too much as it may cause muscle soreness and fatigue. If you have never cycled before, start slowly and gradually increase your cycling pace. 

Cycle at least three times a week for up to an hour each time. Take numerous intervals if necessary, until you regain your strength. Also, bring a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated.


After reading this article, you must know that a good bike for an overweight person should have a robust and sturdy structure as well as a weight capacity of at least 300 to 400 pounds.

If you are an overweight person, remember to pay close attention to the frames, materials, tires, brakes, and other aspects of a bike before buying it for yourself. Or you can just use this buying guide to find the ideal bike for yourself. 

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