How Many Watts An Average Cyclist Produces (9 Fun Facts)

I know when I go to the gym I like going on the bike and pedaling as much as I can. One of the options when cycling is the ability to see how many watts you are producing when pedaling.

How many watts can an average cyclist produce? An average cyclist can produce an average of 310 watts in 7.5 minutes. Professional cyclists can produce even more.

There is a whole array of things you can do with 310 watts of power. Read further to figure out how.

What Can You Do with the Watts You Produce While Cycling?

There are multiple things you can do with the watts that you produce on a bike. These include things such as:

  • The amount of distance that you travel.
  • That amount of power you produce.
  • How much power you can store while pedaling.
  • The amount of electrical output that comes from your pedaling.
  • The amount of weight you can lose while pedaling at a constant speed.
  • The strength you can gain from pedaling at a constant speed.
  • The self-confidence from what goals you can achieve from doing this.
  • Helping the public with the energy you create.


Do you know how far you can go with the average amount of 310 watts? You can get an average of 6 to 7 miles in an hour, or how normal people would say 6 to 7 miles per hour. If you think about it, you could get to some of your most favorite destinations in less an hour. 

If you happen to live in a very country-like area, it may take a longer time for you to get there.

Not only can you get to places on your bike, but it also helps our environment by using a vehicle that doesn’t pollute the air. On top of that, biking has always been healthy for you so you can become healthier by just getting to the places you normally need to get to!


310 watts can produce about 120 volts of power if you can consistently pedal at the same speed of 7 miles per hour. With that, you will have the same amount of power that your common wall outlet.

Your common wall outlet puts out an average of 120 volts. You already know what you can power with the common wall outlet. 

You can charge your phone, power a lamp, even power an entire entertainment system and watch your favorite tv shows while you bike solely based on the power that you are putting out with your legs. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.


No, the power that you create cannot be used as physical storage if any of you ‘smart alecs’ were thinking of a funny joke like that. 

The kind of storage that you can provide with your cycling can be stored into batteries or power units that can overtime accumulate power to be used at any time.

An example of power storage such as that is crank-powered radios. When you have a blackout in your area that was unplanned, it’ best to have emergency supplies. 

One of the supplies should be a crank radio. Crank radio is an emergency radio with a wind-up crank on the side that you can turn to create the power to make that radio work, the exact same mechanic of bicycling.


Now that you have stored up all that power, what are you going to do with it? First, you need to see how much power you have stored up. 

Did you recharge a rechargeable battery? Did you recharge a portable charger? Did you recharge an entire generator?

Yes, with the watts that you generate by using your bike, you could recharge a generator. 

What can you do with generators? You can use power tools in an outdoor setting. You can perform a concert in the middle of your camping trip. You can even power a hospital room when their power goes out.

Long story short, you could save someone else’s life, just by riding your bike. Think about it.

Weight Loss

Like I had mentioned before, this could help you lose weight. How much weight could you lose from biking 6 to 7 miles per hour? 

It depends on how committed you are. You could lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 30 pounds, or even more weight than that.

If you can do this on a stationary bike, you can become slimmer while doing this. If you can maintain going the same speed when you hit a hill that takes even more of your energy, you will lose weight even more efficiently.

Physical Strength

If you are doing this to charge your phone, or help the environment, or another reason, this will help you become stronger. One of the critical steps to losing weight is constantly challenging yourself.

If you give yourself a constant stream of challenges that you can overcome, you can gradually become strong, while still leaving room for improvement. 

If you can get to a comfortable area where you can constantly bike at 6 to 7 miles per hour, then you will be able to do more. You can do one or both things to increase your challenge.

The first thing is you can increase your speed to increase the number of watts that you generate while increasing how far you can bike. 

The other thing you can do is increase the amount of hill or pressure you bike against to create more watts and help build your leg muscles to be able to push out even more power from your body.

Mental Strength

Imagine how much perseverance it will take to stay at a constant speed of 7 miles an hour for more than an hour? If you are truly reading into this article and plan on committing to changing your lifestyle around, you will need an amazing sense of discipline. 

If you do not normally have a strong sense of self-discipline and can commit to this, you will gain a great deal of some.

Doing this can be a strong trait that will carry over to other aspects of your life. Have you been waiting to do that one special project that you just haven’t been ready to start, but you know it was just something you were meant to do? If you can do this, you can do anything!


Along with creating a new wave of self-made energy that could help many, it is a great way to start and help to build your character. 

After all your hard work, you can see exactly how much power you created all on your own. You did that. You and only you made that all on your own, which is something that you can be proud of.

This may or may not be similar to the same conversation you would have about creating another life, but that should be saved for another reading.

Public Good

On top of the great benefits made to yourself with the power you can create from bicycling, you can also help all of those around you. 

You can know that what you are doing is helping your world, or if the impact isn’t so big, you can at least rest in knowing that it is helping your community and friends.

All the power generated from your bike gets recycled and put back into the electric grid to be used again by others who do need it. 

For all, you know that effort that you put into you riding your stationary bike could be used to help power your neighbor’s blender, or maybe even your mother’s hairdryer.

There isn’t one thing that is bad about using a bike to make watts, so why not start cycling now?

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